Script, Direction, Choreography, Projections : Tuomo Railo


Performers: Jonna Eiskonen, Sibiry Konaté, Tuomo Railo, Emerson Santos, Yuko Takeda


Costume Design: Timjami Varamäki


Lightning Design: Pasi Pehkonen


Photos and Videos: Ari Kauppila


Dur. 60 min.

Aged 13 or older


Autonomy implies we endorse in others also the things we do not understand.

- Richard Sennett, Respect in a World of Inequality

Respect - Kunnioitus  by Tuomo Railo is a stage performance in a form of dialogue and essay about respect as a cultural phenomenon, a societal force. The show is performed by artists originally from both Finland and outside Europe.  Respect - Kunnioitus scans the challenges faced by individuals and the society when cultures mix. How do we express respect? How respect works – both in good and bad? Why do we experience lack of respect?


Respect is - to my understanding - simultaneously a clear and muddy concept. At it´s worst respect is something harmful, there are people murdered because of it, yet we need respect to be able to function as a society. As the world evolves we need to rethink and evaluate the structures, the direction, the whole constitution of the respect we express. I hope this performance works also as a modest guide to our efforts in cultivating our sense of humour.  – Tuomo Railo


The show is performed by Jonna Eiskonen, Sibiry Konaté, Tuomo Railo, Emerson Santos and Yoko Takeda. The costumes are designed by Timjami Varamäki and the lightning design by Pasi Pehkonen. The show will be premiered in Louhi Hall at The Cultural Centre Of Espoo the 15th of October 2019 7pm.


Other performances in Louhi Hall:


Sat 9 Nov 7pm

Sun 10 Nov 3pm


Mon 9 Dec 7pm

Tue 10 Dec 10am


Tickets 15 / 29 €


The show is performed in English, show´s duration is approx. 60 min, aged 13 or older.





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