Totentanz -improvisation

Vindängen 17.2. at 7pm ja 18.2. at 3pm


Composer Eero Hämeenniemi and choreographer Tuomo Railo will come together to improvise in Tapiola on February. Absurd and irrationally loose TOTENTANZ illustrates a fantasy about death as a Mexican carnival or a medieval wood print. The laughter rises up from the difficulties in desisting, from the vanity of the moribund.


GLIMS & GLOMS dance company was founded by the choreographers Simo Heiskanen and Tuomo Railo in 1999. The company is located in Espoo, and the name refers to its two rivers. The theatre tours in Finland and makes occasional visits abroad.


GLIMS & GLOMS has as its artistic aim to produce performances which include touching comedy, surprising humour and elevating dance. The theatre directs its performances to a wide public - children, the youth and adults.

The theatre's performances combine many elements of the performing arts: dance, theatre, music, visual arts, video and different applications of theatrical techniques. The company explores the traditions of the art of dance widely and without prejudice.


 info(at)glimsgloms.com | +358 405247647


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